"wow i really need to get hot before school starts" -me every summer

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"His face looked so scornful, so savage, and finally, gloriously, ugly. Not cute at all, just an ugly scornful boy face. I hadn’t felt such disgust for a boy since the early days, when they’d tease girls on the playground, kicking us and throwing gravel and raising their voices in high screechy mockery. ‘They do that because they like you,’ all the adults said, grinning like pumpkins. We believed them, back then. Back then we thought it was true, and we were drawn toward all that meanness because it meant we were special, let them kick us, let them like us. We liked them back. But now it was turning out our first instincts were right. Boys weren’t mean because they liked you; it was because they were mean."

Daniel Handler, The Basic Eight (via feellng)


I don’t understand those ppl who seem to brag off having social anxiety, OCD or even depression. As if it was something to be proud of, as if it was something that made them better than the others around them.

Like if i somehow think your romanticizing mental problems I won’t take you seriously. Metal problems are horrible they make us cry, want to commit and makes us all feel like shit so plz don’t.

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